Today we turn a page towards the future. We come to you humbled by the cosmic wisdom of Adra Festus and Moonbeam, the lone survivors of Festisia, compelled to share the questions they posed to me - questions that echo within the depths of our collective purpose and seek to guide our path forward.

These questions serve as a catalyst for change and growth, propelling our community towards a future that breaks away from the patterns of the past.

The decision to follow the insight and direction of Adra and Moonbeam was not made lightly. It stems from a deep understanding of the urgency and transformative power that Festisia holds within its core.

Festisia is a world of infinite possibilities. A world filled with wonder and magic, where freak flags fly high and the music never stops. A world where the sun is carved from the finest crystals on shakedown and the moon shimmers like a disco ball. A world where authenticity reigns supreme, endless connections inspire curiosity, and the will to explore shines bright like strobe light.

Herein lies our truth, one that takes vision to see. We are not here to build a festival, but a home. For you, me and all Festies.


The next leg of our journey is a fresh start. From this point on, your expectations should be guided only by the information shared post-Festisia (PF). Expect some new, some change and a rotation of the hits to remain.


Want to Know the Worst Part About Festivals?

All festivals must come to an end. But what if they didn't? What if the gaps between festivals had a bridge? What if there was a place for all festival goers to connect and explore endlessly?

Welcome to Festisia - where the festival never ends. Where your passions are met with limitless opportunities and your creative lifestyle is eternally empowered. Welcome to Festisia - a home for you, me and all Festies.


Festisia: What’s in the Name?

Our position is what makes us unique and our mission, vision and values are the foundation that guides every decision that we will make going forward. As our north-star evolves from building a festival to creating a home, so too does our name. Sound the alarm, Festie Season (FZN) has now officially begun!


The Ascent of the Cosmic Caravan

Festisia’s ancient roots trace back over 6,000 years. Initially a band of outsiders challenging conventional thinking, Festisia's humble beginnings were shaped by a group of founding members known as “The Cosmic Caravan.” They instilled core values rooted in human connection, unapologetic expression and never ending exploration which formed the bedrock for Festisia’s growth into a flourishing civilization.

Like those that came before us, we too emerge from humble beginnings, on a quest to explore the vast festival landscape, celebrate the scene and unite our tribe.


FZN ‘23 Headlining Artist: Young & Sick

Fellow festival head, Young & Sick will join on as our headlining artist for the upcoming FZN. You may be familiar with his remarkable collaborations with Jerry Garcia, David Bowie, LP Giobbi, M3F Festival, Austin City Limits and many more. Get ready for an explosion of fresh energy and bold flavors that will ignite Festisia’s foundation. 

As the headliner, Young & Sick will assemble a super-team of collaborating artists who will join the Cosmic Caravan and bring Festisia's brilliance to life through fresh interpretations and extensions across various visual art forms. 


Prepare for Takeoff: The Festisia Boarding Pass

In the coming days, those who own a SUPERF3ST SUPERPASS will receive an airdrop featuring the Festisia Boarding Pass - our new membership token. From this point forward, the Boarding Pass will be the central token used to access all aspects of the project and community.


Make Life a Festival: Member Benefits 

Explore - Gain access to participate in live experiences and festivals - including mainstays of the circuit, partner events, and new experiences that we create. 

(ex: Bonnaroo ‘23 & Festisia: Miami ‘23). More events to be announced imminently.

Create - Become a content creator, build your platform and earn. Share your take on the festivals, the artists and the culture that keeps the festival circuit eternally vibrant. 

Connect - Build Festisia's culture and guide its path. Engage with other heads, celebrate the scene and keep the conversation flowing on site or on social media to acquire Shardz and redeem rewards that make life a festival. (Q3)

Collect - Burn your Boarding Pass to receive your Festie identity/PFP. Collect traits, customize your identity, develop your brand and express yourself. (Q4)

Each of the outlined member benefits will be highlighted with greater detail as we progress on our journey. Rest assured that this is not all, it’s just all for now.


This is Just the Beginning

On Thursday, June 8th we will officially introduce Festisia to the world. Stay tuned for more details and updates as Cosmic Caravan takes flight.