The F3stival Reserve Overview


The F3stival Reserve aims to act as a resource and guide to the SUPERF3ST community throughout the Treasury Proposal Process, from formation to approval to insight sharing. Our goal is to ensure Treasury funds are used in a way that maximizes both ROI for the project and fun for those involved.

To be abundantly clear, the F3stival Reserve is the name given to the SUPERF3ST Treasury!

  • Educate the community about the proposal and other Treasury-related processes.
  • Provide templates and best practices for proposal submissions and post-event debriefs.
  • Review and aid in the formation of proposals, and provide submitters with constructive feedback.
  • Review and provide feedback on post-event debriefs.
  • Approve Treasury Fund proposals.
  • Monitor and report on the status of funds.
Weekly Office Hours
  • Thursdays @ 8pm ET
Members + Bios

Background in customer service, hospitality, health, and wellness; long-time crypto believer; brought into the NFT space by SUPERF3ST. He has a passion for creating life-changing moments and experiences.


With an entrepreneurial eye for new and emerging markets, Max has a passion for researching and developing brands and technologies to complement the growing demand for innovation across various industries. Although the majority of his professional experience comes from the Food and Beverage industry, he’s been an early adopter and evangelist for a variety of Web3 projects. He is a big believer in the future of blockchain technology, and in his free time, he enjoys exchanging ideas and building community within the Web3 space, collecting NFTs, watching any sport on TV, and reading.


Professional background as a Series 7 and 66 licensed financial advisor and sales consultant since 2014. Started investing in crypto early 2021, dove into the Web3 Music scene in October of 2021 and have been working in the ecosystem since. Currently I work with several musicians in the space helping with Music NFT planning and booking/planning both physical and metaverse events. With these relationships, I helped put ten SUPERF3ST Artist Founders and more on the lineup, including Jack Frost, Spottie Wifi, Polish Ambassador, X&ND, Grace Weber, and more.


Passively into crypto since 2017, but dove into Web3 and NFTs in the last year. Musician, music lover, and festival fanatic. Professional experience is rooted in marketing and advertising; I am currently working in data analytics and research capacities for a global commercial real estate firm. In my free time, I run a small clothing brand to fund my live music addiction.


New to crypto & web3. Long-term music lover

Professional career: medical device product director with engineering background Experience with process creation and improvement, business development, and eliminating silos in organizations 


Crypto owner for a few years, but didn’t fully embrace Web3 and NFTs until this year as part of SUPERF3ST! Ecstatic to fuse my love of music with my broader professional skillset to help grow this project and launch a festival. I’m currently a freelance healthcare consultant working with big tech and digital health companies on growth strategy, but I have held different roles at various healthcare organizations, including ops, M&A, program management, and partnerships. New Yorker by way of the Midwest!


Proposal Best Practices:

Check out our overview and considerations for making a Treasury Proposal.

Written by The F3stival Reserve