Field Trips


Whether you’re NEW to SUPERF3ST or a seasoned Founder, you have probably heard about Field Trips. Funded by the SUPERF3ST Treasury, the Field Trip is a one-of-a-kind program built to give the SUPERF3ST community access to concerts and events across the globe in an effort to activate the community, create connections and mine insights that inspire our collective creativity.

What is a Field Trip?

Field Trips are a unique program powered by the SUPERF3ST Treasury that provide each community member with the agency to select the live events, festivals and experiences that they gain access to, in exchange for activating the community while on the ground. 

In the spirit of empowering each community member as a Founder, Field Trips allow you to represent the community your way. Create content that documents your journey, bring an art installation to life for all to experience, Activate programming in the campgrounds to connect with other festival goers…the opportunities are limited only by your creativity.

The best part is that your dream experience benefits the entire community. With each Field Trip, SUPERF3ST gains an unique opportunity to activate and reach others, all while gathering insights that can inspire future ideation.

How does a Field Trip benefit me?

By picking the shows and experiences you want to see, the Field Trip provides year-round value to our holders, regardless of their location or schedule. Field Trips also bring the community together more frequently, both digitally and IRL, as collaboration is highly encouraged.

The Field Trip allows you to build the SUPERF3ST experience YOU want on YOUR schedule! 

How do I submit for my own Field Trip?

In order to make a Field Trip request, you will first need to become a member of the SUPERF3ST community by obtaining a SUPERPASS.

  • Purchase through our site here or on the secondary market here (prices subject to change).  For more detailed instructions click here.

Once you have a SUPERPASS, you’ll need to submit a proposal through the SUPERF3ST Treasury.

  • Access the SUPERF3ST Treasury here
  • Verify your SUPERPASS to sign in. You can find a step by step process on how to do that here.
  • Once you’re in the SUPERF3ST Treasury portal, submit a proposal.
  • Note - If your SUPERPASS has not yet been added to a MetaMask wallet, follow these instructions to do so.

Your proposal should outline why you want to attend the event, how you plan to activate the community and how you’ll share the insights you gather with the community upon return. 

Once you submit your Field Trip proposal, it will be live for other community members to vote on for 72 hours. Don’t forget to vote on the proposal yourself and spread the word! 

What happens after my Field Trip is approved?

Upon approval, you will receive the funds outlined in your request so that you may then begin to make the Field Trip arrangements. Funds will be sent to your MetaMask wallet, so make sure you have one handy.

Field Trip Proposal FAQs

  • Field Trip funds are meant to provide access to the experience you wish to attend (tickets, festival wristbands, etc.), but you will be responsible for covering any travel or hospitality expenses.
  • Field Trip proposals can be submitted by individuals or a group of community members to support a communal outing.
  • Field Trip proposals can cover the cost of any activation related activities that you’d like to participate in while at the event, such as content capture, a community-driven experience, etc.
  • If you’d like to workshop your Field Trip ideas with someone else, hit the SUPERF3ST hotline, and we’ll set you up with a member of the community with whom you can collaborate. Just text us at (310) 634-0891.

Need Help With Your Proposal or the Process?

  • Check out what our F3STIVAL Reserve (Our Treasury) and how it gets funded here
  • Check out best practices and submission process for Proposals here
  • Past successful Proposal submissions: