Do you go to shows? 

When you’re at a show, do you bust out your phone to capture those special moments when it’s officially going down and the crowd or visuals take things to the next level?

Yea, us too. Shots and shows go together like peas and carrots, Jen-nay! But here’s the deal, SUPERF3ST is taking the relationship between shots and shows to a whole new level - they’re about to get hitched.

If you own a SUPERPASS, attend a live show and capture content you can now submit a Treasury proposal to receive the retail cost of the ticket you purchased back in return. That’s right—in exchange for your shots, we’re literally giving you a free show in return. If this process seems easy - great! That’s exactly the point, and here’s why...

Over the last couple weeks, we’ve significantly ramped up efforts on Instagram and TikTok, with an initial strategy focused on testing, identifying niches, and honing our voice within festival culture. Fortunately, the team has been crushing it (Shout out Splinter, LSP and PartyTrick) and we’ve identified a ton of key insights that you’ll see come to life throughout the balance of the year, featuring new content franchises and partnerships across new mediums and platforms in addition to what you see live today.

One of the undeniable insights that we’ve expected and have now validated is that live show content is a hit on social media. But, user-generated content offering live looks from the shows we’re attending just wins, baby. It puts the unique and diverse interests of the community on display for anyone to see at face value while adding a personal touch that doesn't require too much effort. 

You can build rapport with someone just by understanding their musical tastes, and we want to take this approach to the next level. So why not make this a party, connect the dots, and bring even more of the community in on the action?

Exactly. There’s no reason we wouldn’t do this. Ok, I’m done waxing poetic; let’s wrap this up.


Following is a rundown of exactly how this new program will operate.

  1. Buy/Own a SUPERPASS.
  1. Buy tickets to a show, any show.
  1. At the show, respectfully capture good, quality content of what’s going on. High energy moments, unexpected occurrences, things that stand out and resonate with you.
  1. In total, you’ll capture a minimum of (12) unique pieces of content.
    • (5) images - test with portrait mode for high quality looks where applicable. (1) should feature you at the show for proof of attendance
    • (5) vertical videos - use cinematic mode on iPhones 13 or newer for high quality.
    • (2) landscape videos - use landscape for a wider view that captures the full vibe.
    *Note - Video content should be 6 to 30 seconds in length per clip.
  1. After the show, log on to the dedicated “Shows for Shots” section of the SUPERF3ST Treasury HERE.
  1. Create a proposal and follow the prompts in the text box to provide the required information - submitting a deck is NOT necessary, this is meant to be simple.
  1. Upload the content to the proposal OR provide a Dropbox/Google drive link in the proposal text box.
  1. That’s it, you’re done. Queue the Birdman hand rub.
  1. A 48-hour voting window will be initiated automatically. During this time your submission will be reviewed by the Social Squad and approved or rejected based on a majority vote.
    • The community members eligible to vote consists of myself, Splinter, LSP, Party Trick and Lina_Face.
    • Any rejected submissions will be accompanied by solid feedback to ensure that you’re armed for success on the next one.
  1. Once approved, the retail price of your ticket for the show in question will be dispersed. 
    • In the event you purchased your ticket from a secondary marketplace (StubHub), you will be eligible to receive only the retail price back in return - no exceptions .


Will Shots for Shows stay live forever?

Shots for shows will operate in seasons. Each new season will be initiated by a proposal to the SUPERF3ST Treasury that will outline the proposed details for the upcoming season, a budget request, and relevant key learnings impacting the upcoming season’s plans.

By operating seasonally, Shots for Shows will ensure that the parameters can be adjusted based on learnings and flex to include new updates that spice up the experience as we go; the goal is to keep this fun and dynamic.

What are Shots for Show's goals?

In this first season, we are looking to learn and have the community participate in a Treasury program together. As this program progresses, we expect to get more specific on goals and even introduce new challenges aimed at achieving new objectives. For now, our introductory goals are…

  • Awareness: +20% reach
  • Engagements: +15%
  • Engagement rate: +15%

*Note - tracking follower growth will be tough to associate back to posts, so we’re using other metrics to show success and keep things clean.

What happens when the funds in the Shots for Shows Treasury portal run out?

Each time the funds are depleted from the Shots for Shows Treasury portal, the results from the past season will be shared with the community, and a new proposal will be submitted to outline the upcoming season’s details in order to acquire funding from the main SUPERF3ST Treasury and activate the new season.

Based on how this program is received, we’ll work to find a cadence that makes the most sense for the community while also looking to keep this program fresh and special. More to come!

Are festivals eligible for Shots for Shows submissions?

Of course, but there’s a catch. The (12) required content deliverables must be completed and submitted as individual proposals for each day that you are in attendance at the festival and seek to receive funds in return.

  • For example, if you attend a (4) day festival, you would be required to capture (48) pieces of content, (12) unique pieces of content per day and submit a proposal for each day that you are seeking reimbursement for your festival ticket.
  • This means that, if the cost of your festival ticket is $350 total, each proposal you complete featuring the (12) Shots for Shows content requirements would be eligible to receive $87.50.
  • In the event that you complete all (4) days worth of content requirements and submit (4) proposals to receive full reimbursement, the Social Squad maintains the right to accept the proposals that feature the best content and reject those that are less desirable.
  • The best way to prevent this from happening is to provide value with unique looks that offer something new and are worthy of being posted on SUPERF3ST socials. There’s no need for 10 shots of the same thing.
The current request for content is very focused on artist performances, is that the only content I should be focusing on?

Yes and no. This depends entirely on the level of effort you’re willing to put in and your ability to capture content that others would value. Our focus right now is on live performance content because it’s the easiest thing for everyone to capture and most likely to produce results on social media. However, other things like images/footage of art installations and things connected to the show that are simply interesting eye candy are totally viable and encouraged.

  • Additional content ideas like vlogs, group shots, skits, interviews, or wild esoteric art projects could come with risk and require some level of planning and effort on your part and should be provided in addition to these more basic requests as a value add should you feel compelled. With this one, the answer really starts with you.
  • In the future, we plan on introducing new content formats and providing very clear guidance on how to approach them for efficiency and maximum impact. We’ll set you up for success with each new element introduced to this program.
I’m going to a show with other SUPERF3ST community members; can Shots for Shows proposals be submitted as a group?

No, each submission must be submitted individually. In the event a group of people attend a show and all submit their content, keep in mind that the best submissions will have the best chance at getting approved and receiving funding.

  • In this case, it is highly recommended that each submission offer something fresh and unique from one another for the best chance at being approved.
  • For example: map out different angles or vantage points to capture content from, focus on different artists or experiential elements, etc. to help differentiate your content from the start and ensure that capturing content never takes away from the experience.