For creators and producers

The SUPERPASS Treasury ensures that the creative energy of SUPERF3ST is always-on. It exists to enable community-led ideas that empower, uplift and grow the SUPERF3ST community. Through creative pursuits enabled by the Treasury and powered by the community, we seek to identify the most talented creators, artists and musicians among our ranks to help expand our community and breathe new life into it on a consistent basis.


  • All SUPERPASS holders will have access to submit proposals and vote on ideas that they want to bring to life in support of the community.
  • 1 SUPERPASS = 1 Vote
  • The creative opportunity is limited only by your imagination and the funding that exists within the treasury - use it wisely.
  • To start, 80% of the SUPERPASSS mint revenue will serve as the initial funding for the treasury.
  • Following the mint, we will conduct a feasibility review of other revenue streams to be directed towards the Treasury.
  • Proposals can be submitted by SUPERPASS holders or ANYONE that can acquire a nomination from at least (2) SUPERPASS Holders / SUPERF3ST Founders.


  • Detailed proposals that highlight the submitters credibility, the benefit to the community and a logical budget breakdown will have a greater opportunity to be approved.
  • Those who submit a proposal will be responsible for executing it.
  • Proposal submissions should include a reasonable compensation package that considers their time and effort invested - we want creators to be rewarded for their efforts.
  • Propals can be led by Individuals or sub-committee of SUPERF3ST Founders who wish to team up to execute the idea.
  • Funding for approved proposals will be released through a series of milestones that ensure that the proposal is being executed as proposed. Those that do not complete these milestones could have their funding blocked and proposals terminated.
  • A detailed overview of all SUPERPASS Treasury mechanics will be provided in advance of launch.

For the show goers and experience enthusiasts

The Field Trip program gives the SuperF3st community access to the most groundbreaking and innovative experiences across the globe. The goal of each Field trip is to inspire, mine insights, and create game-changing ideas that can be used to influence the planning of SUPERF3ST and empower the growth of our community.


  • Identify experiences that you want to see and submit a proposal telling us why.
  • Proposals will be reviewed and voted on by Founders - the more compelling the proposal, the more likely it’ll be approved.
  • Once a proposal is approved, you’ll get your tickets to the event comped.
  • Field Trippers will be required to return from the experience with an overview of key takeaways, insights and content that feature highlights from their experience.


  • There are no geographical limitations for Field trips. In fact, we plan on prioritizing the approval of proposals focused on international events.
  • We’ll comp your tickets to an experience upon approval, but you must cover any travel and hospitality expenses connected to the experience.
  • You will have the opportunity to obtain free tickets for those who are not yet SUPERPASS holders with The goal of recruiting new Founders to the project through IRL experiences.


For the collectors

Whether you collect shows, show posters, or have a crypto wallet full of NFTs, most festival heads have a deep desire to collect and commemorate their passion for culture. Like SUPERF3ST, the (Curio)sity program is a vessel for collaboration that pairs artists and musicians together to create unique digital art drops, accessible exclusively by SUPERpass holders.


  • The SUPERF3ST team will work with our Artist Founders to identify unique collaboration opportunities.
  • Artists and musicians will work together to develop the central idea for their collaboration, how it manifests, and the details surrounding the drop - full creative control.
  • SUPERPASS holders will have exclusive access to the drop.
  • Proceeds from the mint (if there is one) and secondary royalties will directly benefit the creators as well as the SUPERPASS treasury.


  • Depending on the direction given by the artists, each drop will have its own nuances.
  • The SUPERF3ST team will advise on best practices and help as needed but ultimately drop details will be determined by the creators, hence making each drop a bit…curious.
  • As a SUPERPASS holder, you will always have preferential access in some capacity, but are not guaranteed to obtain the drop.