The Proposal Process

Welcome to the world of SUPERF3ST, where the power of community and collaboration drives innovation and progress. As a new member of our ecosystem, you may have already noticed the dynamic and interactive nature of our platform. One of the key ways we foster this community-driven culture is through our Treasury’s Proposal Process. This process allows holders like yourself to submit and vote on and approve experiences that will shape the future of SUPERF3ST. 

Before you dive in and submit your own proposal, it's important to understand the layout of this process. In this article, we'll be taking a deep dive into the proposal process, and providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to craft a winning proposal so that you can better enhance your experience. So get ready, because we're about to take you on a journey into the heart of SUPERF3ST's decision-making process!

What is a Proposal ?

The proposal is a chance to flex your creativity by tapping into the SUPERF3ST Treasury to fund the events and activations YOU want to see come to life. Whether you want to attend shows with other Founders in your city or design a bespoke experience with some of our talented artist Founders, the proposal is the first step in making your vision a reality.

What Should My Proposal Include? 

As a new member of the SUPERF3ST community, it's important to understand that not all proposals are created equal. The level of detail and lead time required will vary depending on the scope and complexity of the idea being proposed. For example, a proposal for a small-scale Field Trip to see The Glitch Mob concert won't require the same level of detail and time as a proposal for a large-scale activation event for 500+ people in Los Angeles. When crafting your proposal, it's crucial to consider the resources and impact on the SUPERF3ST community and treasury that your proposal entails.

The more value and detail you can provide, the better your chances of approval will be. To increase your chances of success, make sure your proposal is clear, concise, and includes a budget breakdown and a plan for execution. Please also consider that the more lead time given between when your proposal is submitted and when your event is being held is only going to help the team accomplish your request in the allotted time.  Also, don't forget to clearly communicate how your idea will benefit the SUPERF3ST community and align with our values. We're always looking for innovative and impactful proposals that will make a positive difference for our community. So go ahead, get creative, and show us what you've got!

Proposal should include the following:

1. Event Name: The name of the event you wish to attend.

2. Type of Event: A brief description of the type of event, such as a music festival, art exhibition, or conference.

3. Summary: A brief overview of the event, including any notable speakers, performers, or activities. 

4. Location: The city and country where the event is held.

5. Dates: The start and end dates of the event.

6. Event website/socials: Links to the event website and social media accounts.

Suggestions for Supporting your ideas:

1. Unique experiences: A description of the unique experiences you will undertake at the event, such as attending workshops or networking with industry professionals.

2. Insights: A description of the insights you expect to gather from attending the event, such as learning about new trends or gaining inspiration for future projects.

3. Representation of the community: A description of how you will represent the SUPERF3ST community at the event, such as by wearing SUPERF3ST merchandise or promoting the event to other attendees.

Suggestions that will positively impact the SUPERF3ST community: 

1. Distinguishing factors: How many and what type of unique and noteworthy aspects of the event will bring value or inspiration to the community?

2. Community involvement: How many community members are involved in the field trip and their Discord handles, as well as any Artist Founders who are involved with the event?

3. Opportunities to benefit the community: List any opportunities that will benefit the broader SUPERF3ST community beyond bringing back insights and ideas from the event, such as hosting a workshop or creating content for the SUPERF3ST Social platforms.

4. Types of content: A description of the types of content you expect to capture from the event, such as photos, videos, and blogs.

Once submitted, your proposal will go through a review process with the F3STIVAL RESERVE, a group of Founders dedicated to helping the community make the most of the proposal process. If it passes this initial review, it will then move on to a community vote. With the support of the community, your proposal can be approved and brought to life.

Keep in mind that the more thought and effort you put into your proposal, the better chance it has of getting approved. If you're feeling stuck or need some inspiration, don't hesitate to collaborate with other members of the community - that's what they're here for. In the end, the proposal process is all about giving you the opportunity to share your ideas and make an impact on the community. So let's get creative and make some magic happen!

Written by Corey Nocco
(SUPERF3ST, Chief Community Officer)